Our story from the pen of our chief audiologist…


Joyful Sound – a name we chose because it resonates with our mission to serve every person who walks through our door.

Audiology opens a door to a wonderful place where science and art comes together to make the most amazing things possible when helping individuals with hearing loss.

I believe communication and relationships are some of the greatest gifts God has given His children.  Being able to facilitate someone’s journey to better hearing lights a fire in my heart, because I know that it plays an enormous role in reclaiming joy in every aspect of people’s lives.

I believe that joyful living is possible.  We would be honoured to help you along your journey to experiencing the joy of healthy hearing, the joy of sound.

–  Juliana Seiler

Our services

Diagnostic Audiology

We test adults and children (from 4 years of age), for any type and degree of hearing loss and can make recommendations for management and referrals.

Hearing aids, fine tuning and servicing

We work with all international hearing aid brands that will suit our clients’ needs and pockets.

Industrial Audiology

We offer professional , OHSA guided, audiology services to employees flagged by occupational screening tests. We work closely with occupational nurses and company regulators to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Custom Products

Noise protection for:

  • contractors
  • hunters
  • musicians

Swim plugs
Snore plugs


Know that ‘popping’ sensation when driving up a mountain or during a flight take-off?  This is our middle ear adjusting to the change in pressure.  We can determine the health of your middle ear system using tympanometry and other middle ear function tests.

Tinnitus Rehabilitation

We help our clients better understand the cause of tinnitus and offer rehabilitative techniques to help patients with condition.

wax removal

Wax removal

We apply a range of wax removal techniques in our practice that are safe and effective. No more home remedies that never seem to do the trick!







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